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how to load all mat files in the filenumber wise sequentially ?

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The mat file names on my local drive ends with the increasing number (0-16) range as shown in pictute below (InFolder.png), while on MATLAB, it gets loaded in the other sequence (0,1,10,11-15,2,3-9) (As shown in figure (InMATLAB.png)). Is it possible to load all mat files in order from (0-16)?
The file has been conventionally loaded using :
"d = dir('*.mat');"

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 23 Oct 2023
Edited: Stephen23 on 23 Oct 2023
Follow this link and click the big DOWNLOAD button in the top right corner:
Unzip it onto your MATLAB search path or current directory. Then use it like this:
S = dir('*.mat');
S = nartsortfiles(S);
Another solution is to use sufficient leading zeros so that the OS/SORT returns the filenames in the required order.

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