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Smooth a noisy plot.

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Riddhesh on 14 Nov 2023
Commented: Riddhesh on 19 Nov 2023
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I want to smoothen my elevation vs distance data which is noisy and also diff(elevation)/diff(distance) = grade; grade vs distance data which is very noisy. I used smoothdata() which is oversmoothing my data and i used hampel which shows no changes. How can I vary the smoothing factor or is there any other method to do. Please let me know.
Chunru on 14 Nov 2023
try different "methods" and "window" sizes with smoothdata.
DGM on 16 Nov 2023
Being able to move answers between threads would be reaally handy right about now.

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Accepted Answer

Pratyush on 14 Nov 2023
Hi Riddhesh,
I understand that you want ways to smoothen your noisy graphs to a user defined extent.
Here are a couple of methods that could help you:
  1. You can adjust the smoothing factor by using the "SmoothingFactor" parameter in the "smoothdata()" function. This allows you to control the amount of smoothing applied to your data.
  2. You can consider using "moving averages" technique, you can use the "smooth()" function in MATLAB.
  3. Or you can use Savitzky-Golay filters, for this you can use the "sgolayfilt()" function in MATLAB.
Hope this helps.
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Riddhesh on 19 Nov 2023
Thank you. That helped me alot.

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