two versions of filter response

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Nouf Alraisi
Nouf Alraisi on 3 Dec 2023
Answered: Star Strider on 3 Dec 2023
we were asked to search for filter response and apparently there are two versions of them, can you please highlight which ones are they and how to get them please so we can display the frequency response.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Dec 2023
The only ones that I am aware of are the time domain response (showing both the unfiltered and filtered versions of the input signal), and the frequency domain response, showing the filter response as a function of frequency. The Signal Processing Toolbox functions that would provide the frequency domain response are freqs for a continuous filter, and freqz for a digital filter. The Control System Toolbox has the bode and bodeplot functions for both types of filters.
You can also create your own version by calculating the fft of the filtered and unfiltered results of a random wide-band signal and then calculating the transfer function by dividing the fft of the filtered signal by the fft of the unfiltered signal, element-wise (using ./ division rather than / division).

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