Making an irregular cylinder using surface plotting

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I have this code to plot a surface using data collected from a scan of said surface. I am looking to plot this surface around a cylinder. I am unsure of where to start to get the surface into the shape of a cylinder. The Data table is a 60x12 table, Distance is a 60x1.
Data = table2array(CopyofPCADeRidder339);
ax = gca;
ax.PlotBoxAspectRatio = [0.5 2 0.5];
ylabel("Distance from Discharge (ft)")
xlabel("Kiln Position")
title("3D Total RunOut; Raw Data")
DGM on 4 Dec 2023
How exactly does this 2D data correspond to the surface of a cylinder?
Kyle Watkins
Kyle Watkins on 4 Dec 2023
The surface that was scanned was a rotating cylinder, this was then plotted as shown in the figure as a "flat" surface.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 4 Dec 2023
Here is one approach —
S = rand(60,12);
S = S.*((0:59).*exp(-0.1*(0:59))).';
[X, Y, Z] = cylinder(1,size(S,1)-1);
% figure
% surf(X, Y, Z)
Xr = repmat(X(1,:), size(S,2), 1);
Yr = repmat(Y(1,:), size(S,2), 1);
zv = linspace(min(Z(:)), max(Z(:)), size(S,2));
Zr = (zv.*ones(size(S))).';
for k = 1:size(S,2)
Xc(k,:) = Xr(k,:).*(1+S(:,k)*0.1).';
Yc(k,:) = Yr(k,:).*(1+S(:,k)*0.1).';
It may be possible to have the colormap code for the radius variations, however that is not in the documentation. It is not obviouos to me how to force it. The radius scaling is done in the loop that defines ‘Xc’ and ‘Yc’ so you will need to experiment with those to get the cylinder to look the way you want it to look. Use the view or rotate functions to change the viewpoint and orientation.
Kyle Watkins
Kyle Watkins on 4 Dec 2023
Thank you! I plan on playing around with it to fine tune the cylinder to use the surface I have plotted.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 4 Dec 2023
As always, my pleasure!
If I can help with the necessary tweaks, post back here to let me know.

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