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Path(pathdef) Error

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Samy Alkhayat
Samy Alkhayat on 5 Dec 2023
Commented: Samy Alkhayat on 11 Jan 2024
Hello Community,
I get an error when I execute below. Can you please direct to what could go wrong with pathdef and the resolution of this error?
Thank you in advance!
>> Run_Script
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error Run_Script (line 2)

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 5 Dec 2023
Does your Run_Script script file define a variable named path on line 1, right before it tries to call the path function on line 2? [I suspect it does.] As long as that variable exists MATLAB cannot call the path function.
Changing the name of that variable would resolve the problem, but a script file trying to reinitialize the MATLAB search path as part of its execution smells kind of bad to me. Why is your script trying to do that?
Samy Alkhayat
Samy Alkhayat on 6 Dec 2023
Yes, here is what it returns:
C:\Software\Mathworks\Matlab_All_Products_2017a\toolbox\matlab\codetools\@mtree\path.m % Shadowed mtree method
C:\Software\Mathworks\Matlab_All_Products_2017a\toolbox\driving\driving\@drivingScenario\path.m % Shadowed drivingScenario method
C:\Software\Mathworks\Matlab_All_Products_2017a\toolbox\matlab\general\path.m % Shadowed
Samy Alkhayat
Samy Alkhayat on 11 Jan 2024
Hello Steven,
Any feedback on the last provided comment?

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