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Asyncrhonous motor custom mat file to increase 2 to pole to 8 pole

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Hello has anyone created their own engine paramet file that can be uploaded to the IM aynchronous block , I want increase the no of poles for i.e. a 75kw three phase motor but Simulink only has a preset librbary, I did remember seeing something somewhere but cant recall where Simulink std motor are all 2 poles want run my model with 4 6 amd 8 poles

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Aiswarya on 2 Jan 2024
Edited: Aiswarya on 2 Jan 2024
Hi Domenico,
I see that you want to change the number of poles in your three phase Induction Motor(IM). As you mentioned Simulink motor has 2 poles by default. Simulink provides a three-phase induction motor block ( In order to change the number of poles, you can set the parameter Number of pole pairs (P) to the desired value ( Observe that the default value is mentioned as 2.
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Domenico Tedesco
Domenico Tedesco on 7 Jan 2024
Yes thanks for that I was bale to set the parameters to No , then changed the Pole pairs tow hat amount I wanted

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