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Support for C2000 PGA within the C2000 Microcontroller Blockset

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I'm diving into the C2000 Microcontroller Blockset and looking to get a project up and running on a F280049C LaunchPad, but one of the features, the Progrmmable Gain Amplifier, that my project requires doesn't seem to be supported (or I cannot find it).
Am I just missing this, or is there a workaround using code outside of the Simulink environment that I can enable the PGAs (and ideally update the gains on the fly) within the Simulink environment?
Additionally, are there plans in place to add this support in the future? (Even better if there is a resource that shows a listing of the supported features of the Blockset, along with planned/inprocess features, and non-supported features.)
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Narvik on 23 Jan 2024
As you mentioned, the Programmable Gain Amplifier does not seem to be supported for Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors. This can be confirmed from the File Exchange discussion below:
As mentioned in the discussion, you can use "Custom Code blocks" as a workaround. The following custom code blocks might be relevant to generate initialization code for the peripheral:
Refer to the following documentation link for information on other relevant custom code blocks:
Use the Memory Copy Block to update the value of the Programmable Gain Amplifier in run-time as described in the second part of this MATLAB answer:
Refer to the following MATLAB answer for FAQs on TI C2000 Hardware Support Package:
If you are looking to suggest improvements or new features for MathWorks products, you may want to consider filing a tech support enhancement request. You can use the following link to contact MathWorks support:
Hope this helps!




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