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Why do I receive "Unexpected implementation class: coder.desc​riptor.Typ​edRegion" error when building?

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I generated code using Embedded Coder for a model and when I tried to run the simulation which references this model in SIL mode, during build phase I get: Unexpected implementation class: coder.descriptor.TypedRegion error.
Looking at this: it seems that this is an object in the FunctionOwner property for coder.descriptor.FunctionInterface class.
I am using 2021b version of Matlab/Simulink, and when I look inside the help for this version, this FunctionOwner property isn't present there, but since 2022b it is present. Does anybody know what could be the issue here?

Accepted Answer

Aiswarya on 2 Feb 2024
Edited: Aiswarya on 2 Feb 2024
The property "FunctionOwner" was introduced in the coder.descriptor.FunctionInterface class in MATLAB R2022b version. This is the reason why you are not able to find it using the 'help' function in R2021b. There is no such property in R2021b.
You may refer to the following documentation for more information on the properties of 'coder.descriptor.FunctionInterface' class:

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