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Missing timetable variable 'Toe'

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Yat Chi
Yat Chi on 29 Jan 2024
Answered: Ryan Salvo on 29 Jan 2024
Hello, I would like to use the function rinexread to collect GNSS data as well as constructing the satellite orbit during the experiment. With some time of working, I come up with this code.
But when I test this code, I find that variable Toe is missing causing the code cannot successfully run. I think Toe means time of ephemeris which is missing from the original rinex file don’t know why. How can I solve this problem? Or else as there is another variable storing time of ephemeris, how can I just plug it into variable Toe in gnssconstellation and fix the issue?
Sorry for my poor English.

Answers (1)

Ryan Salvo
Ryan Salvo on 29 Jan 2024
Hi Yat,
The rinexread function supports both RINEX Navigation Message and Observation Data files. You'll need a RINEX Navigation Message file to get the satellite orbit parameters to supply to the gnssconstellation function.
From your attached code and error message, it looks like line 528:
filename = "COM3-20240120(1).obs";
is an Observation Data file.


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