i want convert recorded audio file to binary.

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hey, Im doing project in communication system . In which i have to transmit audio and then recieve the audio , so i want to convert the audio file to binary and then at reciever side i need to convert binary to audio.so i need matlab code for the same

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Hassaan on 23 Feb 2024
% --- Audio to Binary ---
[audio, fs] = audioread('your_audio_file.wav'); % Load your audio file here
audio_normalized = int16(audio * 32767); % Normalize
audio_binary = dec2bin(typecast(audio_normalized(:), 'uint16'), 16); % Convert to binary
binary_vector = audio_binary(:)'; % Reshape to vector for transmission
% --- Binary to Audio ---
binary_matrix = reshape(binary_vector, [], 16); % Reshape back to matrix
audio_integers = bin2dec(binary_matrix); % Convert binary to decimal
audio_reconstructed = typecast(uint16(audio_integers), 'int16'); % Typecast to int16
audio_reconstructed_normalized = double(audio_reconstructed) / 32767; % Normalize to [-1, 1]
% Save the reconstructed audio
audiowrite('reconstructed_audio.wav', audio_reconstructed_normalized, fs);
% --- Optional: Play Original and Reconstructed Audio for Comparison ---
sound(audio, fs); % Play original audio
pause(length(audio)/fs + 1); % Wait for audio to finish plus a little extra
sound(audio_reconstructed_normalized, fs); % Play reconstructed audio
  • Assumes the audio is mono for simplicity. If your audio is stereo, you will need to handle both channels separately or convert it to mono.
  • The normalization step converts audio samples to the range of 16-bit integers. This is because dec2bin works on integers. If your audio samples use a different bit depth, adjust the normalization accordingly.
  • Ensure that the audio file path 'your_audio_file.wav' is correctly specified and that the output file 'reconstructed_audio.wav' is being saved to a location you have write access to.
  • Directly converts the entire audio file to binary and back. For an actual communication system, you would need to consider the transmission method, error handling, and possibly encoding/decoding techniques to ensure reliable communication.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Feb 2024
[audio_normalized, fs] = audioread('your_audio_file.wav', 'native'); % Load your audio file here
audio_reconstructed_normalized = typecast(uint16(audio_integers), 'int16'); % Typecast to int16
The audio functions are willing to work directly on int16

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