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findNodes() command is giving ''Error using mesh (line 58) Not enough input arguments.'' error/message.

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I have imported a .stl geometry and want to extarct nodes and edges 1 and 2. following code has been used. I am getting error as ''Error using mesh (line 58)''.
Not enough input arguments.
model = fegeometry("circle.STL")
model = generateMesh(model);
Ne = findNodes(mesh,"region","Edge",[1 2]);

Answers (1)

Aiswarya on 19 Apr 2024
Hi Samar,
The error you are getting is because "mesh" is an inbuilt function in MATLAB and as the error message also says "Not enough input arguments", it indicates you have not declared it as a variable in your script. Based on your code it seems you have assigned the variable "model" as the output of the "generateMesh" function instead of "mesh". The error can be resolved by referring to this modified code:
model = fegeometry("circle.STL")
mesh = generateMesh(model);
Ne = findNodes(mesh,"region","Edge",[1 2]);




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