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Printing in color under Linux

Asked by Arnold
on 19 May 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Nalini Vishnoi on 20 May 2015
I am having trouble printing figures in color under linux with Matlab R2015a. This is a problem printing to a file or to the physical printer. I can save figures as eps or png in color just fine (these saved figures also print in color just fine as well).
I tried editing ~MATLAB/R2015a/toolbox/local/printopts.m so that dev = '-dpsc2' however, this causes the print dialog box to not open and the figure is sent directly to the printer. Additionally, the figure is still printed in black and white.
I also tried selecting the color option under print-preview but this also has no effect.
Does anybody know how to fix this?

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Have you tried executing 'rehash toolboxcache' after changing the value of 'dev' in printopts.m?

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