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Why svmclassify shows 'Out of memory' error on the same data on which neural network works very fine?

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I have a dataset of dimension <1000*1000*10>, when I tried it to classify using a neural network it works well. What I actually did is:
[m,n,p] = size(Dataset);
Dataset = reshape(Dataset,m*n,p);
NNoutput = net(Dataset);
and it works well with <1000000*10> dimensional dataset. but when i gives the same as input to a 'svmclassify' it shows
Error using svmclassify (line 114)
An error was encountered during classification.
Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.
I have 8 GB of RAM installed in my PC with intel i7-2600CPU @ 3.40GHz processor.

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