How can I train SVM in Matlab, with more than 2 classes?

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I was trying to use fitcsvm to train and classify my data. However, I notice - correct me if I'm wrong - that fitcsvm could only be used with 2 classes (groups).
My data have more than 2 classes. Is there away to do classify them in matlab?
I did some googling and I read that some recommend to use fitcecoc , while others recommend to use out of the box code multisvm
Morover, other recommend to use discriminant analysis
Please, advise on best approach to go.
Thanking you.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Jun 2015
Do you always know how many classes there will be? If so, why not try kmeans?

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Accepted Answer

Ilya on 1 Jul 2015
multisvm appears to be built on top of the older, slower svmtrain function, while fitcecoc uses the newer, faster C++ implementation. fitcecoc offers more options and gets MathWorks tech support.

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