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controlling bldc via ESC+arduino and simulink

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lsn on 6 Jul 2015
Answered: Manikandan on 15 Sep 2015
I try to control BLDC from a transmitter via ESC+arduino+simulink. Transmitter+receiver+esc+motor works well together without arduino+simulink. but I try to get the transmitter signal to arduino and send it to esc from arduino digital output. I connect all the stuff into each other and I used a sfunction to get the signal from receiver to arduino and then run the simulink in external mode. I can see the changes of signal values(800-2000ms) of transmitter and it goes to digital output but my ESC doesnt work and sounds beep every 2 second like a misconnection error. does anyone help me to buid simulink model to control motor. I add some photos..

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Manikandan on 15 Sep 2015
What you meant ESC, post clear functional block diagram


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