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Suppressing superclass methods/events

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Is there a way to suppress super class methods and events? For example, a class based on handle:
classdef my_class < handle
inherits methods (addlistener, isvalid, etc.) that users of my_class don't need. I want to preserve a clean interface that prevents access to things defined outside of my_class.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Dec 2011
Would it be enough to hide them somehow, so they don't show up in a normal methods listing? Or do they have to be gone?
Daniel Dolan
Daniel Dolan on 16 Dec 2011
Hiding would be sufficient. I want to build classes based on handle, preserving the set/get capabilities of hgsetget, but I don't want the end user to see other methods defined by the superclass (eq, ge, gt, and so on).

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Accepted Answer

Hamid Ramezani
Hamid Ramezani on 16 Sep 2019
This is the best you can do to hide the methods which are relared to handle (here superclass). All te methods are hidden except 'isvalid' which is a sealed method of 'handle' class.
classdef myClass < handle
function O = myClass()
methods (Hidden)
function varargout = findobj(O,varargin)
varargout = findobj@handle(O,varargin);
function varargout = findprop(O,varargin)
varargout = findprop@handle(O,varargin);
function varargout = addlistener(O,varargin)
varargout = addlistener@handle(O,varargin);
function varargout = notify(O,varargin)
varargout = notify@handle(O,varargin);
function varargout = listener(O,varargin)
varargout = listener@handle(O,varargin);
function varargout = delete(O,varargin)
varargout = delete@handle(O,varargin);


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More Answers (1)

Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 10 Dec 2011
I don't think so. I think this would violate the idea that an object of a subclass is also an object of the superclass. Maybe you do not want to subclass the handle class, this will reduce the number of inherited methods.
You also could switch to the old OOP system where you had to roll your own methods for nearly everything and hence had more control.
It is unclear why isvalid, and the like, would give individuals access to things outside your class.
You also could overload subsref to prevent calls to addlistener and isvalid. This could get ugly though.


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