MATLAB stuck on initializing after running MathWorks Script

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I installed MATLAB R2015b today and was trying out scripts to see what the software can do. Everything was running great until I tried to run the script found on the following page
MATLAB got stuck on "Busy" so I restarted. Now it's stuck on initializing. I restated the softwared, pc, and even did a full reinstall of MATLAB with no success.
I found the following suggestions but not sure which option applies to me. I downloaded matlab using an activation key from my university. Will they work on Windows 10?
Any suggestions?
Roman Pshichenko
Roman Pshichenko on 3 Oct 2015
Did you get any feedback? I'm having the same issue. I bought the student version yesterday and it worked well. However, when I used the set path dialog box, it got stuck. I rebooted it and it keep getting stuck on boot up. I ran through all the forums and saw the posts about the license path. I fumbled with it for a while doing nothing in particular and it began to work (I really did nothing). This morning, it got stuck again.
I don't know if it was the path. I don't know if it was anything in particular, but it was a clean install with the Simulink package.

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