Converting multiples excel files to .mat

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Hi all, I need to convert multiple xlsx files to .mat. The directory contains 4 folders which contain about 200 folders each which contain about 4 excel files each. How can I get MatLab to go this directory and convert every .xlsx file to .mat? I know how to do it for one file, but that doesn't help very much when I have to do it for almost a thousand files.
So far I have this:
files = dir('*.csv');
for file = files'
csv = csvread(;
% Do some stuff
Now I need it to read every .csv file and save the data as .mat. Would this something like this work?
files = dir('*.csv');
for file = files'
csv = csvread(;
save = (;
Will this go through every folder in the directory and create .mat copies of the .csv data?
Any help appreciated.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Oct 2015
Ibro Tutic
Ibro Tutic on 6 Oct 2015
Also, the CSV files I am reading contain text, so cvsread will not work. I am trying to implement textscan, but I am having troubles with how to set up the inputs. textscan(file,'?'). I noticed people using %f, %d, delimiter and stuff like that but I am not sure how to utilize these things to have it scan the .csv files correctly.

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