k-means clustering, error

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Radoslav Vandzura
Radoslav Vandzura on 3 Dec 2015
Answered: Ravi Injeti on 14 Dec 2019
Hello All, I really need your help, your advice. I am trying to do clustering, I have mixed data and big dataset. From all datased I selected only some of them. I do k-means algorithm but error is shown on my command window. Could you advise me, where is bug?
Thank you very very much...

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 3 Dec 2015
What data type are you entering as the first argument to the kmeans command? According to the documentation, it has to be an n-by-p data matrix, but it looks like you have input a dataset instead.
Radoslav Vandzura
Radoslav Vandzura on 4 Dec 2015
Yes, you are right, I am newbie. Thank you for your time, help and advices. I really appreciate it. I will try use your recommendation.

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Ravi Injeti
Ravi Injeti on 14 Dec 2019
why dont you try to use
find(zeros(x),2))) instead any(isNan) beause it is a python function

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