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Problem with plotyy in GUI

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Johannes on 26 Feb 2016
Edited: Johannes on 26 Feb 2016
I have a problem with the plotyy function in my GUI (not created with GUIDE). In the beginning of my software I initialize the corresponding axes:
g.hPlot2D = axes('Parent', hAv, ...
'Color', 'None',...
'OuterPosition', AXES_FULL);
"hAv" and "AXES_FULL" are variables referring to the Parent and position.
Later I try to update my axis using the following statement in a different function:
g = guidata(hFig);
h = g.hPlot2D;
plotyy(h, x1, y1, x2, y2);
This procedure worked without any problems for a simple plot but it does not work out for plotyy. Instead it creates the second plot (for the right y-axis) below the first one (instead of on top of it). I think that I might have to initialize the axes for the plotyy differently but I'm not sure how to do that. Could you help me with that?
Thank you very much! Johannes


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