Please help me creating help button please!!

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Hye guys.. I need help here. How can i make a help pushbuttons for my figure. For example, when i push help button, then it will popup the menu list(which is the help of my program)? What i mean is, i have a program that i created using GUIDE and then if you are the user of my program, for sure you need help with it. So how can i make my program as a user-friendly program? I plan to create a help button so that user can understand my coding.. How to popup the help??

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 8 Mar 2011
For very complicated GUIs, why not just use another GUI as the helper? For example, just make another GUI which has different choices for the help topic, and one big textbox where the help for each topic gets displayed. I have used this in the past and gotten good feedback.
slumberk on 8 Mar 2011
oooo.. now i get it.. thx!

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Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 8 Mar 2011
Make a pushbutton uicontrol (or menu item) and give it a callback that creates a new figure window. This figure has a static text box uicontrol and a pushbutton that closes the window.
A nice trick is to give the figure a unique tag. Then your callback can do a findobj on that tag first. If it finds anything, it just makes the figure current. If not, then it creates it. That way you won't create new help windows every time you click on "help".
You can also give mouse hover/tooltip strings to you uicontrols.

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