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how to fix bwlabel error ?

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ElizabethR on 2 Mar 2016
Edited: ElizabethR on 4 Mar 2016
i have abinary image and i want to process using bwlabel. but i get an error : Error using bwlabel Expected input number 1, BW, to be two-dimensional. how to fix the error ? please help


Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 2 Mar 2016
you need to convert your image to a 2D image. What is the class and size of your image now?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Mar 2016
eliz, you already posted this same question here. Did you forget to go back and look at the two answers there?
ElizabethR on 2 Mar 2016
jos : my image is jpg type.
oohh yeah .. i am sorry for post the same question

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Accepted Answer

Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel on 2 Mar 2016
The error message states that input image is three dimensional. use im2bw for Convert image to binary image

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ElizabethR on 2 Mar 2016
yeah, thank you so much

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