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Philip Hoskinson
Philip Hoskinson on 3 Mar 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 4 Mar 2016
I have x and y matrices, but I only want a few points to show ( i.e. 3 labels out of the 10 data points.
X = 0:Depth/((binnum*3)-1):Depth;
Y = 0:H/(binnum-1):H;
I only want a few of the points to show:
[ 0.........half..........Depth] etc

Answers (1)

MHN on 4 Mar 2016
I have not get the question completely, if you want to plot just some points, you can just compute those points! otherwise you can do the following
X = -5:0.01:5;
Y = 2*X.^3-3*X.^2+X;
X_desire = [X(X==-5), X(X==0), X(X==5)];
Y_desire = [Y(X==-5), Y(X==0), Y(X==5)];
plot(X_desire, Y_desire, 'o')
If you want to just put a few label on your plot then
X = -5:0.01:5;
Y = 2*X.^3-3*X.^2+X;
plot(X, Y)
set(gca, 'XTick', [-5, 0, 5])

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