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Extracting selected data from figures

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Hi, I have a real-time data plot where the x-limits are changing automatically (due to zoom in/out). What would be a computationally efficient way of extracting data corresponding to the current x-limits on the plot at each instance. I realize that we can use 'get(dataObjs, 'XData')' but this would give me the entire data array and would therefore require further processing to get only desired range data (as specified by the current x-limits). Many thanks.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Mar 2016
There is no method provided for this purpose. You would need to extract the x and y limits and figure out which points fit within the range.
With the XData not needing to be contiguous, extracting the data correspond to the current x limits would in general require creating a cell array which could end getting populated with as many as length(x) different components. For example,
x = 1 + rand(1,100);
x(2:2:end) = 0;
then with an xlimit that was greater than 0 but less than 2, you could end having to break into segments {x(1), x(3), x(5), ...}

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