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Is there a routine in MATLAB which could help morph images in a specific manner?

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Rudy on 24 Mar 2016
Answered: Charles Dunn on 24 Mar 2016
Hi there,
My brother has some old photos taken from a plane on which he wants to put coordinates. The eventual goal is to be able to compare them to modern photos. Problem is: the old photos are deformed due to the lens' shape and the angle under which the photos were taken (camera was not pointed towards the ground). He asked me if I could write a code in MATLAB which could morph his old photos so that they will have the same dimensions as the modern ones. Is there a routine in MATLAB which could help solve this problem? Any help is welcome.
Kind regards, Rudy

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Charles Dunn
Charles Dunn on 24 Mar 2016
If you have access to the lens that took the images, you could use MATLABs camera calibration tool
You need to take photos of a checkerboard. If you don't have access to the camera/lens setup still, the problem is a bit harder. You could start by looking into common lens distortion equations though. See the Mapping Functions section of this page for some possibilities:

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