How to delete elements from cell arrays?

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Hi, I have a cell array(1x316) which contains 316 double
numeric arrays of various sizes like 74845x1,81032x1,55434x1 and so on.
I want to delete data values from each array cells which is greater than 140 and save it in a new cell array.
Format of my data looks like below:-
inst_speed_all_user_rome.mat(cell array)->speed_kmh(variable)->
1 2 3 ... ....316(total 316 cells of arrays)
{74845x1 double},{81032x1 double},{87351x1 double},.....
sample of one array inside one of those 316 cells :
speed_kmh{1,1}-> {74845x1}= 44.889 28.445 0 156 33.46 ........
Now, for above scenario,i need to delete the data 156(which is greater than 140 here) likewise i want to delete all data values > 140 from all arrays.
Initially i have stored cell array in s1 which is a 1x1 struct with one field ->speed_kmh of size 1x316.
Please help me out on this.
This is my code but i am stuck.
%%store cell array in struct s1
s1 =load('inst_speed_usr_rome.mat');
%%delete the values greater than 140 from cells
l = s1.speed_kmh{:};
to_delete = false(size(l));
for i=1:length(s1.speed_kmh)
if (s1.speed_kmh(i)>140)
to_delete(i) = true;
l(to_delete) = [];
Jung BC
Jung BC on 30 Mar 2016
Hi,It's a cell array of 316 cells.And each of those cells are double numeric arrays of diferent sizes.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 31 Mar 2016
s1 = load('inst_speed_usr_rome.mat');
for k = 1:numel(s1.speed_kmh)
v = s1.speed_kmh{k};
s1.speed_kmh{k} = v(v <= 140);
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Jung BC
Jung BC on 31 Mar 2016
Thanks a lot Jan!You are a genius!

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More Answers (2)

MHN on 30 Mar 2016
l(to_delete,:) = [];
Jung BC
Jung BC on 31 Mar 2016
Sorry, the file is very large in size to attach here.I have edited my question above.Hope you can analyse it more clearly.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Mar 2016
cellfun(@(C) struct('speed_kmh', C.speed_kmh(C.speed_kmh<=140)), s1, 'Uniform', 0)


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