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Running Python2.7 (32bit) in Matlab2016a (64bit)

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Hi All,
I have MATLAB 2016a (64bit) version and would like to call some Python 2.7 (32bit) functions from it. I had initially tried the recommended Python 2.7 (64bit) but some of the desired libraries are not available in the 64bit version. So I am being forced to use the 32bit version of Python but not sure if there is any way at all to integrate that with my 64bit MATLAB.
Many thanks for the help.
Marc on 5 Apr 2016
Can you do this with 2015b? This is the last 32 bit version
MatlabUser on 6 Apr 2016
Hi Marc, Thanks for your reply. Yes 2015b works well with Python 32bit. But I am using the 64bit MATLAB since I need to use the Parallel Computing toolbox.

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