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Tuning Parameters for Boosting/Bagging/Random Forest

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I want to use tree-based classifiers for my classifiaction problem. I'm thinking about bagging, boosting (AdaBoost, LogitBoost, RUSBoost) and Random Forest but I'm unsure about the tuning parameters, i.e. which range I should search.
I'm using the TreeBagger and fitensemble method from Matlab. I'm unsure about the following parameters:
  • Number of iterations / Trees
  • Sampling with or without replacement? If without replacement what in bag fraction to take?
  • Minimum Leaf Size
  • Minimum Parent Size
  • Maximum number of decision splits
  • Learning rate for shrinkage
  • RatioToSmallest (Every element of this vector is the sampling proportion for this class with respect to the class with fewest observations). I have highly imbalanced classes.
  • MarginPrecision
  • (The level of pruning and value of the pruning cost the tree should pruned to (alpha))
I would be very happy if somebody could give a quick help.

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