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Java 1.8 with Matlab 2015b on Windows 7

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Charles Teasley
Charles Teasley on 20 Apr 2016
Answered: Charles Teasley on 3 May 2016
I am using MATLAB 2015b (and by default Java 1.7.0_60). My system (and Netbeans) is using Java 1.8. Will this prevent me from accessing Java Classes (a Java GUI I created) in MATLAB? I have tried everything, and MATLAB never gets access to the Java classes. The jar file is in the path, but MATLAB gives the error mesage "Undefined variable 'GOUI' or class 'GOUI.GOJPanel'.
code snip-it**************
function GenOneJava = main()
javaaddpath ('c:\Users\cteasley\Documents\MATLAB\Active Projects\GenOneJava\GenOneGUI.jar');
jFrame = GOUI.GOJPanel();
end Code snip-it*************
MATLAB Console***************
methodsview GOUI.GOJPanel
NO class GOUI.GOJPanel can be located or no methods for class.
Many thanks,

Answers (2)

Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth on 3 May 2016
In Netbeans, edit the Preferences to target Java 1.7 or earlier when you do a build. All should then be OK.

Charles Teasley
Charles Teasley on 3 May 2016
Thank you! Under normal circumstances, I would. The "Preferences" changes the text file that has the compiler path. Of course, our SysAdmins have disabled any changes by someone who isn't the admin. I had to get them to give me write privileges in the Netbeans directory. I understand security, but we are the people that know how to admin our own workstations. Cyber security says to trust no one. I guess that is what they do.


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