How to plot a single data point at a specific location?

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I have a simple plotting question. I have a figure that has an x range from 0:0.5:8 and I have data points in the form of multiple Sauter Mean Diameters which are constant numbers. I need to arrange these points in a fashion where I plot one point in a specific spot in the graph referring to the x axis. For example my first point needs to be in between .8 and 2 my second between 2 and 3 etc... Any help I could get on this topic would be much appreciated.
Bret Valenzuela
Bret Valenzuela on 7 Jun 2016
Sure! I could not find any examples of a type of plot I need but I will try and explain in better detail. by .8 to 2 I mean i need to plot a point that is in that range. If my x axis is from 0:8 with a step of one then I need to plot a point that has its x value between .8 and 2. Does that make sense?

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Jun 2016
You can use histc() or histcounts() to classify each point value into a "bin" number whose bin boundaries you specify. You would use the second output of histc() to get the bin number, and if I recall you would use the third output of histcounts()

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dpb on 7 Jun 2016

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