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Compiling a Matlab application which uses 'batch' command (parallel computing toolbox)

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Hi All,
I am trying to compile (using Application Compiler) a Matlab script (X.m) which calls another script through the 'batch' command (so X.m within it has the line: batch('ANOtherScript')). However the compiled application does not work (though the X.m runs absolutely fine within the main Matlab R2015aSP1 package).
The compiled application launches okay (i.e. the initial GUI comes up) but upon pressing the button to execute X.m, a ctfxlauncher.exe shows up in the Windows 7 Task Manager but the script functionaltiy is not run.
Is there a different method of compiling code that uses the 'batch' function (or other functions within the Parallel Computing Toolbox for that matter).
Many thanks for the help!
Best regards.

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