video classification using svm

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shab shekan
shab shekan on 14 Feb 2012
Answered: Kenta on 31 Mar 2020
I extracted features from some short video files and saved each of them in separate 3d matrices. Now, how can I use SVM as classifier?
shab shekan
shab shekan on 15 Feb 2012
Could you please explain regular svm techniques?
what's your suggestion?

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Accepted Answer

Kenta on 31 Mar 2020
One option is to use CNN and LSTM.
The demo below is for video classification using machine/deep leaning method. It depends, but I think you can get better result with LSTM (Long Short Term Memory).
The image features were extracted via a pre-trained network and the time-series features were classified using LSTM (Long Short Term Memory).

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Thijs on 14 Feb 2012
if you have the bioinformatic toolbox you can use svmtrain to train your classifier and svmclassify to classify it.
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shab shekan
shab shekan on 14 Feb 2012
thank you. I knew that commands and i used them before. but now, svmclassify give me no answer in plot.
so i think i didn't set svm properly with this data structure that explained before.

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