Create a polar surf plot with 3 measured data vectors

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I would like to create a polar plot with three measured data vectors: wind direction, wind speed and last the turbulence intensity. I would like to represent these three discrete data vectors in polar coordinate on a surface with an interpolation of the turbulence intensity values. Thank you very much.
tony74 on 30 Jun 2016
I have three vectors and I would like to represent these vector on a polar plot: with the first point having direction1, speed1 and intensity1. In particular I would like to represent the intensity as a color scale with a corresponding colormap.

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Samuel Vergara
Samuel Vergara on 30 Jun 2016
It can be done. I don't know how you have your turbulency saved, so I will supose a turbulence function. Let's say that: x=wind direction y=wind speed z=turbulence(x,y)
X2=0:2*pi/n:2*pi; % direction in radians
Y2=0:(0.8/n):.8; % speed (radius)
[X,Y] = meshgrid(X2,Y2);
for i=1:length(X2),
for j=1:length(Y2)
Z(j,i)=turbulence(X2(i)*cos(Y2(j)), X2(i)*sin(Y2(j))]);
mesh(X.*cos(Y), X.*sin(Y), Z); % mesh or surf
I hope this helps you. Regards,
tony74 on 19 Jul 2016
something like pcolor in polar coordinates, by E. Ch3yn3t. However I need to construct the interpolation of z (concentration) values.

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