How to declare global variables in a script file which are accessible to a function file?

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Hello Friends,
I have a script file and a function file. My script file have a parameter which I want to be accessible to the function. For example:
I want to set global variables here, say, alpha, beta, gamma, to be accessible to myFunction
output = myFunction(x,y);
f =myFunction(U,V)
k1 = someFunction(alpha, U);
k2 = someFunction(beta, V);
k3 = someFunction(gamma, U*V');
How to get these globalVAriables which are alpha, beta, gamma in my SCRIPT file to myFunction?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Jul 2016
global alpha beta gamma
alpha = 57; beta = -343.8; gamma = arcsin(4323.1); %initialize them
and in the function
global alpha beta gamma
before you refer to them.
However, using global variables is not recommended. You should pass the values to the function instead.

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