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Simbody // Simple Quarter of Car

Asked by Thomas Pujolle on 7 Sep 2016
Hello there,
I found an example of quarter of vehicule simulation using simscape and the physics library, here it is :
I am now trying to do the same thing using Simbody. I also want to be able to monitor the position of the intermediate masses, respectively the tire and the car. Problem, It seems I have to specify a world frame which fix whatever frame is linked to it. If I attach it to the car I cannot monitor its position, if I attach to the tire, then the tire cannot move and I cannot input a road profile.
Attached is the file I'm running. In the scope I want to be able to see the road profile (as translation), then first transfer function between the road and tire, then the second transfer function between the tire and the car. Since the car is the also the "mass" of the mechanical system, the later looks like the first one.
How should I build this in order to be able to input the road profile, and see both the tire and the car moving, while including gravity?
Any help or tip on that would be much appreciated :)


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