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How can I resave old figures?

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Mech Princess
Mech Princess on 22 Sep 2016
hi everyone, I have an old figure saved in MyFigure.fig format. Now I want to edit/add/remove something from this. So I open the figure in matlab
Then I do my edits and now I want to save it. I have no problem printing the figure, for example
print('-djpeg100', '-r100', ['MyFigure_edited']);
prints the figure and saves as jpeg. But I want to save it as MyFigure_edited'.fig If I click "save" button on top, it gives me a dialog box with the following message: "Object must have an ancestor of type 'figure'". When I give the following
saveas(fig1,['MyFigure_edited''], 'fig')
I get the following
Error using getProxyValueFromHandle (line 23)
Object must have an ancestor of type 'figure'.
Error in plotedit (line 91)
[varargout{1:nargout}] = feval(args{:});
Error in specgraph.barseries/preserialize (line 10)
peerVals = plotedit({'getProxyValueFromHandle',hPeers});
Error in hgsaveStructDbl (line 80)
olddata{i} = {hh,preserialize(hh)};
Error in hgsave (line 58)
FF.Format2Data = hgsaveStructDbl(h, SaveAll);
Error in saveasfig (line 7)
hgsave( h, name );
Error in saveas (line 126)
feval( ['saveas' format], h, name )
I do not have the data to replot the figures and there are at least 10 figures with the font sizes or colors that need to be changed. Which I can do but cannot save the edited version of figure. thanks

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