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Stop the function pause(n)

Asked by Niccolò de Cesare on 12 Oct 2016
Latest activity Answered by Geoff Hayes
on 27 May 2019
Hi everybody,
i've a question about pause(n) where n is the time in seconds.
The fragment code where i've the problem is this:
while (~get(handles.pause,'Value')) %toc<=60 &&
cycle = cycle+1;
cycleTotal(day+1) = cycle+1;
[time,minutes,hours,day] = timerFun(minutes,hours,day,toc);
in fact i use the 'Value' of ToggleButton, named pause, to stop the while cycle, but the pause(ttot) varies (i.e. 1 second or 20 seconds), obviously if the waiting time is short the ToggleButton 'Value' is checked frequently, otherwise if the waiting time is long when i push the ToggleButton on the GUI i must wait the end of pause before the while-cycle 'Value' is invoked.
Is there a trick to stop pause() function or other method to check the ToggleButton 'Value' independently from pause function?


Geoff Hayes
on 13 Oct 2016
Niccolò - how does the ttot value vary since it is never assigned a value once the while loop starts? I don't think that you can cancel the pause once it has started...
I've omitted pre and post code at cycle. This piece of code is into a GUI and user, through a text box, sets the delay and start the process with a button. As I said the delay varies and thus the togglebutton check is slow if the pause(ttot) is long. If ttot=20, for example and I press togglebutton when the pause is just started I must wait 20 seconds before the check happen, therefore I'm interested to know if there's a way to stop the pause function or to make a togglebutton check in other manner.
I am confronted with this problem now. When I quit GUI, the pause function is still working. I am wondering if there is any method to terminate it when the GUI is close(except ctrl+c)?
Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

Geoff Hayes
Answer by Geoff Hayes
on 27 May 2019

Rather than using a while loop in your GUI code, use a timer which you can then programmatically start and stop. See for one such example.


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