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Caching all scripts and functions in path at start of script execution

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Hello, all.
I recently migrated from MATLAB 2013b to 2015b, and I have noticed a large difference in script caching. In MATLAB 2013b, when a script package that was located remotely was executed, it would load all associated inclusion scripts and functions at the beginning of execution. This was great, because if the main script took a few days to execute and the network connection was lost halfway through execution, MATLAB would still chug happily away and process your data. This was also great, because you could start executing a script, and then continue modifying your code in the background.
In MATLAB 2015b, this is no longer the case. If I start executing a remotely-located script on my path, and then I lose my network connection, MATLAB will throw errors saying that it can't located my remotely-stored functions or inclusion scripts. As well as this, if I start modifying code halfway through an execution, it will inevitably run into errors because it is reading my half-modified code.
Is there a preference that needs to be selected in 2015b to restore the "execution caching" functionality that was present in 2013b? This is critical for my company, as all of our code takes days to execute and is located remotely, and we have multiple users waiting to edit currently-executing code.
Thanks in advance :-)

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