Pop-Up Menu MultiSelect?

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Susan on 5 Mar 2012
Edited: Maximilian Schönau on 25 Apr 2021
I am writing a GUI where a pop-up menu has a string of a list of names. I want to be able to select multiple names in the drop down menu, like you do in a listbox or like in uigetfile when you set MultiSelect to 'on'. I don't want to use a listbox in the GUI because it takes up a lot more space and it isn't necessary for the user to see all the choices all the time. Is there a way to do some kind of multi select with the drop down (pop-up) menu?
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Nabin Prajapati
Nabin Prajapati on 6 Jan 2021
Hi Susan,
im having same problem right now.. did you find any solution regarding your qn??

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Maximilian Schönau
Maximilian Schönau on 6 Jan 2021
There are multiple ways your problem can be solved:
  • Add a menu bar to your app. This will be a menu, that can expand from the top and can have multiple submenus.
  • You can use a context menu. This menu will appear, when you right klick on the desired object or on the complete app.
  • You can use a drop down. This is similar to a list box but it can expand and therefor does need much less space in your app.
Nabin Prajapati
Nabin Prajapati on 8 Jan 2021
i created it with popupmenu and edit_text.. but it is unefiicient, when you want to disselect the selected options
Maximilian Schönau
Maximilian Schönau on 8 Jan 2021
Edited: Maximilian Schönau on 25 Apr 2021
Hi, the drop down won’t be a good option for you then, since it allows only one selection. I would then use one of the other two types, and try to save and color the item, as soon as it got selected. Am not sure what you can color.
Also a table would work. Single fields in tables can be colored for sure, and since a zu table can be scrollable and can have checkboxes and more, it might be a good option for implementing many user options in a small space.
The original question was referring to a GUI, you mentioned Guide. Have in mind, that my tips referred to the Appdesigner, which is at the moment the best an nearly single choice to create GUIs.

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