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Test suite for regular expressions

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Where could I find a test package for regular expressions in MATLAB? There are many in different languages, but the MATLAB syntax for regular expressions is a bit different.

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Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter on 28 Apr 2017
Are you looking for documentation on how to use regular expressions in MATLAB or are you wondering how you can write matlab tests that involve regular expressions?
The documentation for regular expressions can be found at:
To test using regular expressions see:
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Zoltán Csáti
Zoltán Csáti on 29 Apr 2017
Thank you for the links. The second and the third links are closer to what I expected, but I was thinking in a collection, see the accepted answer here: (or a direct link for Python: ) Since regular expressions are a bit different in all languages, that's why I wondered if there exists a test suit like the ones I linked in MATLAB.

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