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Test suite for regular expressions
Are you looking for documentation on how to use regular expressions in MATLAB or are you wondering how you can write matlab test...

6 years ago | 1

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How to write multiple test functions in a single file (TDD implementation)
Each subfunction that starts or end with "test" is a seperate test procedure in the test file. For example: function tes...

6 years ago | 1

Check the equality of custom Classes using Matlab Unit Test suite
See answer in comment above.

6 years ago | 0

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Comparing two numbers by using IF in Matlab
They are not equal: >> format long >> x x = 2.511886431509580 >> y y = 2.511900...

9 years ago | 1

About this ode function
I think 'AbsTol',[1e-4 1e-4 1e-5] is your problem. Since your solution has only one component for each timestep, I believe your ...

9 years ago | 0

Syncronize Mupad Notebook with an Matlab Command in a loop
In R2013b, there is now "evaluateMuPADNotebook". This may help you...

10 years ago | 0