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Must the SLRT Network Boot Server be on the development machine?

Asked by James Brown on 13 Feb 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Saurabh Gupta on 22 Feb 2017
I wish to network boot my SLRT machine via the network boot option. However, due to several circumstances, I cannot use my development machine for the task. That is, my machine with Matlab installed cannot be used for booting. Can the network boot server be transferred to another machine? Does Matlab, with the SLRT license installed, have to be installed/running on the boot server?

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Hi James,
As of now, network booting seems to require MATLAB and SLRT on the development machine directly connected to the target machine. You could boot your target machine using another method if you can not connect it to your actual development machine, and then run SLRT Explorer Configuration from the machine connected to the target.
However, if the use case described in your question is really critical to your work, I would recommend you to contact MathWorks Technical Support and discuss the possibility of a specific workaround for your use case.

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