How to remove NAN from a cell inside a cell array?

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SUSHMA MB on 27 Feb 2017
Commented: SUSHMA MB on 27 Feb 2017
Each cell in the cell array contains a matrix, e.g.,
Suppose the cell array is
[8x1] cell
Inside which their are some matrix like
[6x2] double
[7x2] double
[6x2] double
[7x2] double
[6x2] double
[7x2] double
[6x2] double
[7x2] double
Now in each matrix their is a NAN value at the end. How to remove the NAN from each of the cell inside the cell array.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Feb 2017
Are there rows of NaN? Are there columns of NaN?
Are there single NaN? If there is a NaN which is not part of an all-NaN row or column, then what shape should the result be?

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 27 Feb 2017
% make random data
A = cell(8,1) ;
for i = 1:8
A{i} = rand(7,2) ;
A{i}(8,:) = [NaN NaN] ;
%%remove nanas
for i = 1:8
A{i} = A{i}(~isnan(A{i}(:,1)),:) ;

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