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How do I subtract from specific elements in a vector?

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I'm supposed to be able to calculate the total cost of movie tickets, with a discount program. The program says that if there are more than 5 customers of a type (child, adult, senior, student) one person of the type gets in free. I think I'm really close to solving it, but I'm stuck at the last little part.
function [income cnt] = tickets( price, numTickets )
numTickets = (numTickets>5)-1;
income = price.*numTickets;
income = sum(income);
cnt = sum(numTickets);
So I added everything up myself (using [totalIncome totalCount]= tickets([3 10 6 5], [1 6 1 2])) and got 69 for the final price, but Matlab gave me 79.
Thanks for any help!

Accepted Answer

Rahul Kalampattel
Rahul Kalampattel on 8 Mar 2017
Edited: Rahul Kalampattel on 8 Mar 2017
function [income cnt] = tickets( price, numTickets )
cnt = sum(numTickets);
numTickets = numTickets - (numTickets>5);
income = sum(price.*numTickets);
If numTickets = [1 6 1 2], then (numTickets>5) == [0 1 0 0]. Subtract this from the original input, and you get the correct number of people to calculate the income with.

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