How can i send and receive data from matlab through usb between two computers?

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I am doing a project where i have to transfer data from one device to another through visible light (LED). My plan was to make a matlab application where I connect my led to the data pins of the usb directly and a photodiode to the data pins at the receiver side. My question is does this work or will it burn my usb port? If it works, can someone help me where to start with the matlb programming?

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Gillian Rosen
Gillian Rosen on 14 Mar 2017
Hi Arun, 
I understand that you would like to use MATLAB to blink an LED in order to send data between two computers, and you would like to use the data pins of your USB port to do so. 
According to the USB standard, it is not possible to directly control the data pins of a USB port, regardless of whether or not you are using MATLAB. However, MATLAB support is available for a variety of devices that are built for use with LEDs and photodiodes. I suggest that you look through the MATLAB supported devices and choose the one that works best for you. You can find more information about hardware support at the following link:
Examples for blinking/powering LEDs are available for many supported devices. Feel free to explore some of the the examples below: 

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