pm_unit conversion issue

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devraj dash
devraj dash on 13 Mar 2017
Answered: Gillian Rosen on 15 Mar 2017
I am trying to convert rankine® to celcius(C) using pm_unit in matlab 2016b, but it throws error "Provided units 'R' and 'C' are not commensurate".
2013a matlab this conversion works properly.
Can you tell me the fix for this?

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Gillian Rosen
Gillian Rosen on 15 Mar 2017
Hi Devraj, 
I understand that you would like to convert Rankine (degrees R) to Celsius (degrees C) using the 'pm_unit' command in MATLAB R2016b, but you are encountering an error when you try to do so. 
In MATLAB R2016a, the units for Rankine changed from 'R' to 'degR', and likewise, Celsius changed from 'C' to 'degC'. Therefore, you can perform your desired calculation with the following command:
>> pm_unit('degR','degC')
You can find out more about this change and the reasoning behind it at the following link: 


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