Fill under lines in plot3

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Meva on 22 Mar 2017
Edited: Meva on 23 Mar 2017
I need to fill under the Z-data in a plot3. I have below function.
function mmplot3(x,y,z,c,w,b,d)
%MMPLOT3 3-D color-based plot.
% MMPLOT3(X,Y,Z,C,W,B) or MMPLOT3(X,Y,Z,C,W,B,D), where X, Y, Z and C are
% 4 vectors of the same length, plots a line in 3-space through the points
% whose coordinates are the elements of X, Y and Z with colors
defined by
% vector C. W is the width of the line, B is the line brightness while
% solid line plot is used, otherwise it's the marker style and D is the
% indices increment.
x = x(:); y = y(:); z = z(:); c = c(:);
switch b
case {'.','o','x','+','*','s','d','v','^','<','>','p','h'}
if isempty(iNaN), iNaN = length(x); end
i = [1:d:iNaN(1),iNaN(1)];
x = x(i); y = y(i); z = z(i); c = c(i);
plot3(x,y,z,'linestyle','none') % make a blank plot
surface([x, x], [y, y], [z, z], ...
[c, c], 'EdgeColor','flat', 'FaceColor','none', 'linewidth',w, 'EdgeAlpha',b)
Please see attached. The 3d plot I have (on the right hand side attached) is quite is unclear, not like the figure on left hand side.
I need to fill under the Z data with white color.
Also associate each Z-data with each time (X-data) in the plot.
Meva on 23 Mar 2017
Edited: Meva on 23 Mar 2017
Thanks KSSV. Please see attached file. On the left hand side there is a clear figure which is I would like to obtain. The figure on the right hand side is what I have obtained. Please ignore the difference between data. I just would like to have the same appearance.
The above code is a nested function. The main m file has
colormap hsv
for kt = 1 : tstep : nr
mmplot3(t(kt,:), x2(kt,:), p(kt,:), p(kt,:), 1, 0.5)
hold on
%%%%following part is to fill but it does not work!
vert = [t0 0 p(1,1);t0 0 -0.6;t0 1 -0.6;t0 1 p(1,nc)];
fac = [1 2 3 4]
So, in the main code these are
t1 = t0 : dt : tfinal;
x1 = x0 : dx : xfinal;
p = zeros(nr,nc);
tfinal = 1;
dt = 0.0001; % step size
x0 = 0;
xfinal = 1;
dx = 0.001; % step size
% tstep = 9900; % time step for 3D plot

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