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PLL grid connection c2000 texas instruments f28335

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Is there any gridconnected inverter example available for c2000 controllers, which explains the process and how to design the control of grid connected inverters in simulink using c2000 ti package?

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David Ding
David Ding on 28 Apr 2017
Hi Mohsin,
The official examples provided by MathWorks regarding C2000 board is given below:
There are 17 examples in total. The closest seems to be "LIN-Based Control of PWM Duty Cycle".
However, you may search on MATLAB File Exchange:
To see if anyone has made examples regarding PLL Grid Connection via the C2000 board.
Mohsin Noman Mustafa
Mohsin Noman Mustafa on 1 May 2017
Hi David, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything regarding PLL or grid connection using Matlab for c2000, that is why I thought maybe someone who has some idea about about it can share the steps or something with me.
Fernand Diaz
Fernand Diaz on 1 May 2017
Hi Mohsin, I think you might not find an specific example of a grid-tied converter for C2000. The closest Simulink example is a DC/DC buck example. Buck converter.
I guess you're somehow familiar with converter control and DSP's. So If I were you, I'd take an example of the Simulink SimpowerSystems library and build a Simulink model for the controller part following the material David mentioned before.

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