Matlab compiler : how do I sign an app with a certificate I supply?

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I work in an organisation that is fairly concerned about malicious applications running on internal networks. For that reason, nothing can be installed on a Windows machine unless it's either on a whitelist of known 'major' apps, or contains a certificate that is recognised.
I want to use Matlab compiler to generate an application that can run on production Windows machines without the interactive Matlab environment.
How do I tell Matlab compiler to sign the application it produces, and point it at a certificate that I can supply?
This is standard functionality in things like Visual Studio, see

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William Smith
William Smith on 26 Mar 2018
Edited: William Smith on 26 Mar 2018
Answer : there doesn't seem to be any way to do this in Matlab compiler (at least, as of 2016b which I'm currently using).
I worked around it by using the Windows program signtool.exe (part of Visual Studio) explicitly after compilation.
Something like this:
% compile
mcc('-m','-R','-startmsg', ...
'-d', outfolder, ...
'-v',source,'-o',strrep(target, '.exe', '')); % compile. mcc wants the target name without the .exe
% sign
system([ 'signtool.exe sign /f MYCERT.pfx /p MYPASS /t /v ' outfolder '/' target ], '-echo');

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