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combine doubles and categorical

Asked by Rogier Busscher on 25 May 2017
Latest activity Edited by Abel Babu on 30 May 2017
I have three doubles (11318560x1 double) and three categoricals of the same length. How do I combine these into a matrix (of 11318560x6)?

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Just to be clear, I tried [A B C X Y Z], but the error I get is:
Error using categorical/cat (line 43) Can not concatenate a double array and a categorical array.
Error in categorical/horzcat (line 22) a = cat(2,varargin{:});

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1 Answer

Answer by Abel Babu on 30 May 2017
Edited by Abel Babu on 30 May 2017
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The data structure that fits your use case is the MATLAB tables, more about the same can be read here:
To give a sample code:
double1 = [1;2;3];
double2 = [3;4;5];
double3 = [5;6;7];
catData1 = {'tag1';'tag2';'tag3'};
catData2 = {'tag3';'tag4';'tag5'};
catData3 = {'tag5';'tag6';'tag7'};
rownames = {'double1';'double2';'double3';'categorical1';...
T = table(double1,double2,double3,categorical(catData1),...
Do refer the 'categorical' function used in the code in this link:


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